What Culture built the Greek "Pyramid" of Hellinikon?


Ad Honorem
Mar 2012
and the other Greek "Pyramids."

I understand that some ceramics dating has dated it to the proto-heladic, whiles other maintain that they are Classical era structures. I would doubt that they are truly from 2750 B.C., as has been suggested, but is it at all possible that they are Mycenaean structures?
Jul 2013
I think it safe to assume these structure were built by Greeks, though exactly when seems to be the much more debated question. It doesn't seem likely that these are Mycenaean era structures, current theory being that the "pyramids" date to the late 4th century BC and were part of a fort, or strong-hold system, protecting the roadways of the Argolid.
Mar 2013
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I concur, though there's a lot of pseudo-scholarship by non historians involved on this topic.