What do you like most about discussing history here?

Oct 2009
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What do you like most about discussing history on this forum?

For me:
-some people are massively knowledgeable about the most obscure topics.
There's always something to learn.
-Different viewpoints of people from different countries
-The way discussions go sometimes. Someone could start a topic about French cuisine in the fourteenth century, and a few pages later, people are arguing about Korean Turtle Ships:lol:
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Aug 2013
I enjoy the general crowd sourcing aspect of these forums. They make possible new and interesting avenues of research that I might have remained ignorant of.

Some of the nutters here are fun as well.:zany:
Sep 2013
I love going back and reading over my posts again and again because they're so profound and interesting. The loquacious nature of my articulate thoughts rocket me higher than a fireball, bursting into the cosmos like an inverted MOAB. It's the only thing left that justifies my existence. My true enemy has yet to reveal itself.

No seriously, there are a lot of intelligent guys and galls on here, the type I like to listen to and talk to about history, and other things ;)
Mar 2012
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I like how it's a way for all these history buffs like me to find other history buffs and just have some good discussions on topics of interest.


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Mar 2013
Learn something new fairly often and it seems a like minded community- also some fairly knowledgeable people who can answer questions I don't have the time or expertise to look up myself.

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