What do you think happended to Amy Robsart on the 8th of September 1560?

Dec 2015
As you may know Amy Robsart first wife of Robert Dudley was found dead at the bottom of the stairs on the 8th of September 1560.

Nobody as far as i know. Knows what happened to her if she was killed. If she had an accident and fell down the stairs. Or if she committed suicide.

But what do you think actually happened to Amy Robsart ?

Was she killed ?
Was it suicide ?
Or was it a tragic accident ?

What do you think ?
Sep 2014
Queens, NYC
I would say accident. No one ever produced evidence of murder. I am very unwilling to accuse of murder without evidence; and unless the accused has done something to show he/she is capable of murder.

paranoid marvin

Ad Honorem
Aug 2015
Highly unlikely to be anything other than an accident. Not the best way to commit suicide and it pretty much ended Dudley's chances with Elizabeth.