What do you think of Life of Pi?

Oct 2017
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What do you think of Life of Pi, the movie as well as the novel?

How people interpret Life of Pi all depends on how one looks at it of course. But for me it’s one of my most favorite movies & novels. I find it’s so many interesting topics blended together in a wonderful soup, speaking as a historian, biologist, & survivalist myself here. Mind you I haven’t fully read the novel yet, only chunks so far & not sure if I will anytime soon as I tend to be very busy. One of my favourite aspects of the story is that it follows the main character/narrator since early childhood or even birth, so makes the audience feel more connected & understanding of him, the many miles, years, experiences & lessons he has gone through to become the person he is once his survival ordeal even begins, so that we thus then have a more full & concise character than in most other stories, which begin with an already mature main character, the more insightful stories provide minimal flashback or coverage to the characters’ backgrounds, but usually not much more than that.

The movie & novel are remarkably a decade apart. Since the novel was released in 2001 (the same date as 9/11?!), just at the end of the millennium, or most people would say the start of the new one (but my opinion is that a century, socially & culturally speaking at least, doesn’t really start until at least 20 years after it begins, or at least history has suggested that) the era of the story, the 1970’s, was probably more recent in everyone’s, including the author’s here, memory & experience, so there was probably more motivation for that then than nowadays. If I’m not mistaken, the movie appears to have been a big revolution in CGI history, at least for cinema.

The movie as well as the book: some questions to keep in mind: How realistic do you find the story? How well do you think it portrays history, the 1970’s in this case isn’t it? How well do you think it portrays religion & culture? How well do you think it portrays philosophy? How well do you think it portrays biology? How well do you think it portrays science? How well do you think it portrays survival? What is the possibility do you think this situation is to occur in real life? Do you think it is theoretically possible for a human & tiger to survive such a situation? How do you think other big cats & other predators would compare to a tiger in this situation? How do you think this survival situation would compare between 70’s technology, knowledge, culture, & overall world to today’s? Do you think this situation & its parties’/victims’ survival would have been possible in more historical periods, considering that there’s always been extensive travel & trade, including of animals, throughout history, especially over the last half-millennium since the age of discovery & exploration? (Btw I think the invention of solar stills & later reverse osmosis pumps were the most important developments for sea survival, chances of survival at sea before those inventions was probably so much lower, so that probably means a lot to the question. Also, doesn’t it seem that trade including in animals is done more by air than sea nowadays? Who knows, perhaps one day there’ll be a life of pi in space, or perhaps underwater).
Can you reference real survival situations involving both people & animals stuck together, especially exotic animals?
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Someone gave me the book and suggested I read it. I had to make myself finish it. I really didn’t like how almost the whole thing takes place in a boat. It just made it really boring for me. Some people really like survival stories so they might like this.