What does it mean? Uint icon of "Ind." in a military situation map.

May 2018
I am reading the 3rd Arab-Israeli war. I found a military situation map drawing by Westpoint.
as following
In the Israel side, the left side of a infantry brigade icon showed "Ind.". What is the meaning of "Ind."?
Thank you.


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Aug 2016
Note the Yoffe Armored Division has a (-) after its name. That indicates that it has had one of its brigades detached. This could be the source of either of the two independent infantry brigades or more likely it is the source of the armored brigade just to the northwest of the division's icon. The Egyptian unit in southern Sinai has a (+) indicating it has been reinforced.


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Help me with the date of the second Arab-Israeli war?

I am only coming up with 1948 (or 49?) and then 1967. The 1956 war wouldn't usually be considered an "Arab-Israeli" war, though that could well be the other one involved?