What dynasty in the Dynastic China period reighned supreme?

Sep 2009
London, England
In terms of which Chinese dynasties were the largest, it would have to be either the Yuan (Mongol) or Qing (Manchu) dynasties.
Oct 2009
Most Chinese people prefer the Tang dynasty, which they saw as a Golden Age. If you go ask a Chinese person what period in history they would like to live in, most, if not all of them would say the Tang Dynasty. It was very liberal and multicultural and the capital city of Chang'an was THE place to be at that time. It was the cultural, economic and political centre of arguably the world.

If you go to Xi'an (modern day Chang'an) right now, you would see the ruins of the Da Ming Palace, which are magnificent. The various temples of several religions (and even Roman Catholic Churches, Mosques and Synagogues).