What edge did Eastern Steppe peoples have over Western Steppe peoples in the Ancient/Early middle ages that allowed them to replace them

Aug 2019
Abuja, Nigeria
What edge did Eastern Steppe peoples (Turks, Huns, Avars, Magyars, Bulgars, Heptalites etc) have over thatWestern Steppe peoples (Scythians, Sarmatians, Alans, Massagatae, etc) that allowed the Eastern Steppe peoples displace and assimilated the Eastern Steppe Peoples
May 2017
The examples you give of different tribes don't seem to divide them into East and West categories. Can't say I am an expert but aren't the steppe people usually just steppe people? Furthermore, it seems to me that it was one continuous movement from East to West. Everyone was displaced.


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Jun 2014
New Delhi, India
If they drank mare's milk, how can they be termed as lactose-intolerant?
Settled or still mobile? The mobile won over the settled?