What historical period/event made you fall in love with history?

Jun 2014
As a child, I was enamored with 19th century Europe. The Napoleonic era, the revolutions of 1848 for the freedom of the common person, the American Civil War, the Risorgimento in Italy, the formation of Imperial Germany, the U.S. entrance onto the world stage with the Spanish-American War, inventions and developments in industry and economics in Britain and the U.S., the mass migration from Europe to the U.S., etc. Such an exciting time.
Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
The Devil Rides Out indeed.

Great books, shocking Hammer films :)
Yeah, Hammer horror films are a taste I've never acquired. Same with the camp nonsense with Vincent Price--I like GOOD horror films ; The Exorcist, Alien. and like that.

'The Devil Rides Out' is pretty good too.

I noticed Wheatley became a bit sex obsessed as he got older. Wilbur Smith did the same thing. Pretty sure I understand
Oct 2018
For me, it was WWII. My dad gave me this huge WWII book one summer in middle school and I got hooked. Learning about the characters, tenuous alliances, atrocities, heroes, etc. felt like a real-life movie. I'd go to bed hours early just to read more of it.
Certainly the American Revolution, which then opened up the gates for me to learn about my ancestors who fought in WWI/II. Then my dad got me a military history book, before you knew I was hooked. I think my interest in geography also helped.

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