What history books have you bought recently? v.2


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Jun 2014
A Covert Action: Reagan, the CIA and the Cold War Struggle in Poland by Seth G. Jones. The book came in the mail today, so I haven't started reading it yet.
Mar 2017
I'm thinking of buying "Marc Antony: A Life" ... and I'm pretty damned mad about it.

I can get out-of-print books in English, French, & German from my local library through the Prospector network.

The Marc Antony book was only published in 2014 ... and NO LIBRARY has it.

I've got an index to the ancient manuscripts distributed across multiple collections in Salamanca, Spain through the network (it came from another state).... and not a current history book?

Dec 2016
I have been searching for books about Franco-Prussian War translated into my language: spanish and I ordered this one, that seems to be the only book I could find translated into spanish:

La Guerra Franco - Alemana 1870-71. Conde De Moltke.

The book is a translation of the original book written in 1891 that you may find for free in english in archive.org:

The Franco-German war of 1870-71. Moltke, Helmuth, Graf von.

In spanish has about 351 pages while in archive.org is 470 pages, I don't know why the difference. Hopefully will be a good book to get into Franco-Prussian War 1870-71.

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