What history books have you bought recently? v.2

Dec 2011
Iowa USA
Max Hastings, Armageddon: The Battle for Germany, 1944-45

Hoping to have some time in January to make a dent in this Hastings' volume. He writes a "deep" but accessible book as a rule.
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Sep 2012
I have recently purchased ' Hitler ' by Ian Kershaw, published by Penguin Books, 2009, ISBN 978-0-141-03588-8. It is a single volume biography, amalgamated from the author's earlier books ' Hitler1869-1936: Hubris ' and ' Hitler 1936-1945: Nemesis '. 1030 pages thick with a small print, the book might tax your patience but still worth every page. The author gives the personality he is writing about full justice. The earth-shaking events involving Hitler and the world in his times are fully covered. Plenty of photographs and maps, too.
Sep 2012
I have recently purchased ' A Thousand Days John Kennedy in the White House ' by Arthur M.Schlesinger Jr., 2002 edition, published by Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt, New York. It is a big tome, 1087 pages thick, with a small font. it has 37 chapters and cost me INR 887 /- a rather costly thing to buy. Its printed price in US Dollars is 20.99.
I am disappointed by the fact that it contains no photographs. The content is organised disjointedly and the matter is not at all appealing to the non-US reader.
In spite of it being a Pulitzer Prize-winning book, I have not liked what I read so far.
Not recommended.
Jul 2017
I’ve bought:

- Stalin - The court of the Red Tsar by Simon Sebastian Montefiore
- U.S. diplomacy from WWI through WWII by Martin Folly and Niall Palmer
- My White House Years by Henry Kissinger
Oct 2015
Hindu Places of Pilgrimage in India: A Study in Cultural Geography
by Surinder Mohan Bhardwaj

Based on author's Ph D thesis in University of California, Berkeley. First published in 1973, revised in 2003.

India was, and continues to be, united by a sacred geography - meaning pilgrim places across the sub-continent which people visit in large numbers. The oldest formal listing of such places - about 270 places - is in the epic 'Mahabharata'. This list certainly predates 500 CE (my estimate). Bhardwaj has attempted to collate identifications with modern places.

He also brings a non-traditional & western way of looking at it: classifies sites by reach (pan-India, regional, local), by hierarchy (most important to lesser ones), by deity worshipped (India has several), and social-class of pilgrims (caste composition) - all this using surveys & numbers.

A rigorous research based book, but may not be interest to many.

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