What history books have you bought recently? v.2

That's a pricey one! I was lucky enough to get a free copy of the recent Encyclopedia of the Roman Army, but these things just cost way too much.
Oh yeah, I was definitely splurging. It was a graduation gift to myself. It's a great collection of entries/articles. Unfortunately, some of the minor wars receive what feels like too brief a treatment (e.g. the Jugurthine War), but it's overall pretty great. But yes, the prices of these things are pretty over-the-top.
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The last book I bought was ''How Far from Austerlitz?'' by Alistair Horne

The last book I acquired was ''Surrender of Napoleon.'' By Sir F. L. Maitland. Maitland was the captain of the Belerophon when Napoleon surrendered on the ship in 1815. The book is a memoir and a narrative of Napoleon's surrender and his stay on the Belerophon as a prisoner. Maitland wrote this account in 1825. (10 years after the events in the book.) As it is a memoir some things might be a bit inaccurate or vague. I got the book for free via Project Gutenberg.
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I've recently been reading the "Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible", very interesting book and offers a lot of valuable information on ancient mythology whether it's Canaanite, Mesopotamian, ancient Greek, Roman, and so on.
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