What history books have you bought recently? v.2

Jan 2014
Our local 'Friends of the Library' held their monthly sale and I bought(for $1 each):
John Julius Norwich A Short History of Byzantium
author's name escapes me.:( Seems accurate enough (i.e., agrees with Bernal, other sources) though I've yet to Source the statement that Cortes brought 300 slaves with him from Cuba to do the heavy lifting and serve as porters; seems reasonable, but I'm still unable to check it out.
Bede's Ecclesiastical History ...
Josephus Collected Works (in English Translation)

David Roberts In Search of the Old Ones silly travelogue; how'd he ever get this published?
Nice deals!!!


Ad Honorem
Sep 2012
I purchased 'Stalin Vol.II 1929 -1941 Waiting for Hitler' by Stephen Kotkin. A big tome of 1154 pages consisting good new information, some new photographs. But a slow read.
Oct 2016
Well, first Saturday of the month, another 'Friends of the Library Sale':
Grigory Rasputin
The Complete Works of Shakespeare

Hakluyt's Voyages...
Jedidiah Smith
-----and others. All Hardcover, save the Hakluyt, and all $1 USD