What if all the World was one Country under one Government


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Dec 2015
Such a grand and great idea has been held throughout history by people who envisioned a peaceful world,

World government - Wikipedia

Should the world be one country?

What do folks here think of our planet Earth being one united country with a Government that leads the world? Can this idea be had peacefully? Or perhaps can the idea only be had with warfare waged by countries that support equality among man against countries with laws that support inequality among man?
Sep 2017
United States
It depends on how it is executed.

If there's ever an "Earth Colonial Marine Corps" though, sign me up.

Tuthmosis III

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Oct 2011
the middle ground
Interesting video.
But let's look at it another way: if humans ever really found the patience, respect, and wisdom to talk through all the differences and difficulties of sharing one planet, there wouldn't be a need for a single political organization. The key to peace is the dialogue, without which it doesn't matter if there is one or one thousand countries.

"It depends on how it is executed."
Exactly. Hitler envisioned a peaceful, united world (eventually) too...
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Jan 2017
What checks and balances are in place to stop this One Government taking decisions to keep itself in power? Our currrent systems of governance display plenty of flaws even in small countries, enlarging that to cover 7 billion people is only going to exacerbate those flaws. You'll also have to consider the millions of bureaucrats tasked with keeping the whole thing running, balancing all these competing interests spread all across the globe. You'll always get people who violently disagree with the status quo and try to overthrow the government, you just can't please everyone.

Ultimately I think human beings are too selfish on an individual level to make something like that work, not now at least. First we need to figure out how to create a happy society on a small scale before we can scale it up to encompass the entire world.
Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
Such an ideal seems to have been the ideal of Anarchists (who want no formal governments) as well as crude Marxist and Socialists. So far, no one has managed to make make any of those ideas work even at a local level, with the arguable exception of the Israeli Kibbutz.

My reasons for rejecting such ideals are due to my low opinion of human beings as species. From a life time of observation, I have concluded human beings are naturally aggressive and actually like wars. If we did not there wouldn't be any at this stage of our evolution. The other reason is that human beings are above all, self interested. I concede there seem to be altruistic acts, many (I've even been guilty myself from time-to-time). BUT, so far, I have never come across an altruistic person as far as I can tell.

Reference: "Milo: Egoism and Altruism" ( Basic problems in philosophy series) Amazon, from $2.95. Probably cheaper as an ebook

Matthew Amt

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Jan 2015
As long as people are able to think for themselves, and are allowed to form their own opinions, there will be disagreements, often very great ones, sometimes violent ones. I don't even agree on the best form of government with the people on the other side of my office, let alone with those on the other side of the planet. One government with peace for all? Dream on.

Don't get me wrong, we've come a LONG way. After all, the reason humans rule this planet is because we were savage and aggressive enough to defeat all other competitors. Two million years of evolution is hard to overcome, but we're getting there.

Of course, you *could* just exterminate everyone who disagrees with you. The last 12 people will be truly blissful under your rule.

Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
"Don't get me wrong, we've come a LONG way."

Sadly, I think that's a matter of opinion if we are talking about basics, the reptilian brain stem etc .Our progress is skin deep. The proof of that claim is to observe just how far we advanced human beings can and do sink ,on an ongoing basis. I think the phrase is "man's inhumanity to man' . Problem is, extreme behaviour has always been part of the human condition. Every human being remains capable of the most vile behaviour given the right circumstances.

So, I hope you can see why I believe we haven't come far at all.