What if Christianity fails to gain a foothold in Europe but spreads in the Middle East

Oct 2015
In my opinion quite a lot would have to happen for Christianity to stagnate and die out in Europe. Lots of PODS including Julian succeeding in undoing Christianity's spread throughout the empire. He doesn't entirely kill it, but he at least retards its progress. Another pod would be Patrick getting killed at sea when he was kidnapped by Irish raiders. Ireland is not converted which means no Irish missionaries to reinvigorate Christianity in Francia where Chritianity was actually dying out. Or Clovis not converting to Catholic Christianity. What if Christianity stays an Eastern religion after it fails to win a foothold in Europe? All in all European Christianity dies with the Roman Empire. Every effort by The Roman Popes to send missionaries to the rest of pagan Europe fails and Europe remains a collection of pagan kingdoms, with the Visigoths in Spain and the Vandals in North Africa adhering to Arian Christianity.

300 years later Mohammed converts to Orthodox Christianity after seeing a vision of the Angel Gabriel in a cave.

430 AD Gaiseric's pagan Vandals conquer North Africa.
St. Augustine a Berber Churchman dies of hunger from the Vandal siege of Hippo Regius .

610 AD, an Arab sheppherd by the name of Mohammed is meditating in a cave on Mount Hira in Mecca. Accounts vary but according to Christian triditions the Angel Gabriel appears to Mohammed and commands him to recite: "in the name of thy Lord The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, he died on the cross for your sins for the Salvation of man."
A terrified Mohammed runs home and is told by his wife's Christian cousin Waraq Ibn Nawfal that he might have recieved a vision from God. Convinced by his wife and cousin that Christ has chosen him to be his prophet,
Mohammed condemns the pagan idiolatry of the Meccans.

615 AD: Mohamed's followers grow. Some of the the early Christians flee from persecution by the Meccans to the Christian kingdom of the Ethiopian king Ashama Ibn Abjar.

Basically within several years Christianity spreads throughout the entire Arabian Peninsula, and soon the new Christian empire comes into conflict with the Arian Vandals in North Africa....

It would be interesting to see how things play out in this world.
Apr 2017
The newly converted Arab Christians could prove a valuable asset to the Byzantines against the Sasanids. After the fall of Persia and Persia becoming Christian, its fair game what their relationship would be to the Byzantines.
The Byzantine church would be the most powerful then, especially since it wouldn't have a united muslim/arab empire to fight against.
Oct 2015
arabs were only made after advent of islam, before there were many syriac christians speaking a semitic language not particularly arabic, so its not like it didn't actually spread in the levant.

Christianity was already making headway into the Levant before Islam reversed that process. In fact if Islam had never risen Christianity would have become the dominant religion in the Middle East among the Arabs. A lot of Arab tribes were already Christians before the advent of Islam.
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