What if Christianity fails to gain a foothold in Europe but spreads in the Middle East


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Dec 2009
Basically within several years Christianity spreads throughout the entire Arabian Peninsula, and soon the new Christian empire comes into conflict with the Arian Vandals in North Africa....

It would be interesting to see how things play out in this world.
The "Middle East" already was mostly Christian, and Christianity was not a foreign religion in Arabia at all.

The newly converted Arab Christians could prove a valuable asset to the Byzantines against the Sasanids. After the fall of Persia and Persia becoming Christian, its fair game what their relationship would be to the Byzantines.
They already had them in the form of the Jafnid dynasty, albeit not fully replaced by the time of the last war with Persia following their liquidation under Maurikios.
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Nov 2010
This of course is the obvious answer. The OP is moving in different time periods - Islam rose long after, and probably because of, the spread of Christianity.

Having studied the Visigoths and Vandals in some detail, it's not clear that their actual behaviour was in any way related to whatever religion they were following at the time. Both the Arian Vandals and the Catholic Visigoths conducted themselves in ways that would today be seen as 'not commensurate with Christian values'. But so did the Spanish and also the Pope so - hey, that's history!

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