What if Dragons existed?

Feb 2017
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What if Dragons weren't merely folklore: all the dragons in every culture's mythology were based on actual living breathing animals. This means from Chinese serpentine-dragons to the classical European variant, they exist. All dragons that are said to be able to fly could fly in this scenario, including Chinese dragons, and they are also as sentient as humans. They don't have magical powers such as godhood, wish-granting, or any other variants of magic.

How would human history have gone differently with gigantic sentient fire-breathing beasts? Even ignoring the obvious abilities of dragons, how would humanity existing alongside a beast just as intelligent as they are go?
Jun 2013
we do exist...

also, oriental dragons do fly, so why the implied exception and magic is inherent to us
Aug 2017
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China becomes number one!

Chinese Dragons are more powerful than European ones and uplift the people of China into the 22nd Century (within three generations)

The rest of the world is basically a third-world shithole (Somalia with Dragons, Cartels and Knights)


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Jun 2015
chinese dragons were wise and helpful, so thy would help humans defeat the evil Western ones. China would get a headstart and rule the world. but eventually, with better tech, humans would root out the evil dragons and kill them all. they'd be like wolves. only with bigger populations and better weapons were wolves exterminated in most of Europe.
Oct 2016
one of the cable channels had a what-if-they-existed documentary a few years back

IIRC they concluded that if there were real dragons, they were large and carnivorous (possibly related to the monitor family); reptilian; that they hunted by climbing cliffs and trees and glided down on their prey with stretch skin 'wings' as do flying squirrels (and I think at least one lizard).



'fire breathing' might have been a misinterpretation of the red tongue flicking around.

Europe is not known for large reptiles but more tropic parts might have hosted some.
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