What if Dragons existed?

Aug 2017
Sun City, CA
If both Eastern and Western dragons exist, and mated with each other, then we get Eurasian dragons of mixed parentage?
I doubt it would happen

Chinese Dragons are more wise and humane than human beings

Western Dragons are just biological killing machines

Chinese Dragons become the rulers of humanity

Imagine Star Trek with Dragons!


Ad Honorem
Dec 2015
Oh, they do, on Komodo Island; I believe that a Swedish tourist was once eaten by them after he fell asleep under a tree there.
I once stated that on Baidu forum under the thread title "the so-called dragon"; soon, some people mentioned that it is just a giant lizard.
We have a few real animals named "dragons", and the best-known ones are bearded dragons, or beardies, and Australians should know them.

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