What if Genghis Khan attacked Delhi Sultanate?


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Aug 2014
In 1221 Mongal leader Genghis Khan was chasing Khawazirom prince Mangbarni reached Punjab, then Delhi Sultan was Iltutmish, Mongborni sought asylum from Iltutmish, but Iltutmish in fear of being attacked Genghis Khan refused to grant asylum, then Mongbarni left India for Persia, Genghis Khan then did not advance into India and went behind Mongbarni.

So what would happen if Iltutmish granted Mongbarni asylum, Genghis Khan attacks Delhi Sultanate, Delhi Sultanate then was very weak, so Muslim rule in India destroyed by Mongal attack then would Rajputs be able to retake Delhi and Punjab that they lost decades ago and an uprising against Muslim rule in Bengal and counter attack by Sen Dynasty.

So it is clear Delhi Sultanate would be ruined had Genghis Khan attacked, then how would be India's history?

Historian A.L. Sribastava said this.
Aug 2014
Huntington Beach CA
I don't know how far into India the Mongols would have gone initially (modern Punjab, Uttar Pradesh Bihar and Bengal and Assam, very likely--Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh not so much, since Chinggis Khan tended not to attack nations who he did not feel had antagonized him--but the Mongols almost certainly would have attacked and conquered Tibet on the way home. Which would have been a major historical change since it would have exposed the Mongols to Vajrayana Buddhism a lot earlier in their history than occurred. Perhaps the Mongols would have converted more en masse to Buddhism from Tengriism, instead of just the Oirats in the 13th Century. Which would have given the Il Khans and the Golden Horde and the Uzbeks far more resistance to Islam when they conquered more of the Muslim world. And possibly have led to more credibility for Vajrayana Buddhism in Mongol China and whatever parts of India the Mongols would have conquered. Perhaps we would have seen a direct competition in Russia between Christianity and Vajrayana Buddhism and if Buddhism proved credible, perhaps even a Buddhist or heavily Buddhist influenced Sweden and Finland and Baltics since those areas did not become forcibly converted to Catholicism until the 1200s and 1300s. Some very interesting possible unanticipated consequences here.


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Nov 2012
What if the mongols adopted hinduism like sakas and hunas? I see potential in them adopting hinduism and forming rajput mongol kshatriya class