What if Greeks captured Constantinople from Turkey?

Jan 2015
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I think Bulgaria would intervene. It had interests to gain coastlines along the Aegean Sea, and the inner Balkans. Greek attempt to gain Istanbul/Constantinople would've led to another Balkan conflict, as it already did.
Oct 2012
the greeks should have atleast asked for patitioning the city of Constantinople with them keeping the western European part. Now there is Turkish land floating on the Greek side. Why such a thing. Both could have split the city.
Constantinople is a purely European city and only refers to the part of the city west of the Bosporus, not all of greater Istanbul. The Asian city across the Bosporus was Chalcedon.
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Jun 2019
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The Greeks should definitely be given Hagia Sophia back imo at least. After all was the flagship building of the Catholic Orthodox Church for a thousand years. Although imo the minarets make it look better lol.
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Jun 2019
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Not sure why my post didn't take. Eh well.
Pretty much all the history of the Byzantines, which were really the Romans according to themselves and everyone else at the time.... suggests that Constantinople was everything to them after the fall of Rome. It was THE City, the living heartbeat of their nation. Not just that, but they built it. And it was most certainly a storehouse of everything salvaged from the Roman Empire, even up the end when it was anything but an empire.
But it was a hell of a run- the Romans were around 2,206 years, if you want to date back to 753 B.C.
So yes, they certainly deserved to have their city in 1453. Whether you want to count Greeks of today as Byzantines, I guess is a matter of debate. Although from what I understand the Greeks did consider calling themselves Rome "reborn" in 1830, but went for the name Greece instead mostly because they thought that sounded more appealing to the Western nations whose help they needed.
It certainly would have been interesting in a historical sense if they had done the former AND gotten Constantinople/Istanbul.
Does Greece deserve to have it "back" today? Hell if I know. It has after all a larger population than their entire country.
And I would assume just about everyone in Turkey would disagree on that point now that they've (more or less) had it 500 yrs.
Though you could say only 96... if you just want to count the nation of Turkey (1923) and not the former Ottomans.
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