What If Henry 8 fell in love with Mary Boleyn instead of Anne?

Oct 2018
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OT; remember the v interesting film " The .Madness Of King George"? (Nigel Hawthorne. Helen Mirren )

Apparently it was going to be called George 111. It was decided not, as it would confuse the Americans, who would ask what had happened to Parts one and Two.

Really? Of course, would I lie ? :halo:
Aug 2015
Do a Shakespeare and Henry VIII part 2?

Yes Henry divorced himself frim the Church as well as from Catherine, but it's possible (likely even) that it was a combunation of Cromwell and Anne whispering in his ear that not only COULD it be done, but that it SHOULD be done. Henry had been Defender of the Faith, he was a staunch Catholic, and it took some persuading - both of the mind and of the body - to get him to do what he did. Once the ball was rolling, there was no going back.

Anne wanted her crown, Cromwell wanted his Protestant reformation, Henry wanted the cash to build castles and ships and finance a war to win back his lands in France, just like hus namesake Henry V; all 3 got what they wanted.

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