What if Richard The 3rd won Battle of Bosworth Field


Ad Honorem
Jun 2015
In many ways.

No Tudor dynasty, though this depends on if Henry Tudor survived the battle. Maybe he or his supporters would continue the wars, or other pro-Lancaster forces would eventually defeat Richard or other Yorkists.

If Henry Tudor was killed at Bosworth, then this means no Tudor dynasty for sure. It would also mean no Church of England, or Reformation as we know it.

It's possible there would be a colonial empire, and there would have been some Protestant movments like Knox and Calvin. It would also mean no Spanish and English Armadas, and the entire course of the 16th and 17th centuries would be different. This would also affect Scotland, since Mary, Queen of Scots was a descendant of Henry Tudor. So there would potentially be no Stuart succession in England, and no Civil War/Wars of the Three Kingdoms.

If there were to be a civil war, it may have been a direct scrap between Protestants and Catholics. Maybe by 1600 in this alternate timeline, there is a sovereign who wants to abandon much of Catholicism, and this leads to him or her starting a war against Catholics.