What if the Axis were "the good guys"?

Oct 2009
San Diego
There is no good guys in war. Any power will steep to any level to win. The allies are not good guys. Hiroshima and Nagasaki should be enough to display this if not Dresden bombing
For one- let's dispense with the tired old red herring of the inhumanity of Dresden and the Atomic bombs. War IS inhumane and the Allies did NOT start the war, nor kill the first civilians.
It can be argued that Hiroshima and Nagasaki provably save significantly more lives than they took by getting the Japanese to accept defeat.
Every other acceptable end to the war would have killed MORE Japanese civilians than those bombings.
And do Not blame the Allies for Dresden. Dresden was an honest attempt to get a defeated Germany to SURRENDER.
To END the carnage.
The only valid question to ask of Dresden is WHY DIDN'T the Germans wave a white flag the morning after Dresden?
Why didn't the japanese wave a white flag the morning after the firebombing of tokyo?

What possible rationale could they defensibly give to continuing to fight against an enemy that could so unopposedly rain destruction on their people?
If Germany had surrendered the following day- no one would question the purpose behind Dresden. If Japan had surrendered after Tokyo, then no nukes would have been dropped at all.

The victims of nationalist military aggression owe NO apologies for whatever level of violence is required to END that aggression.

Well, TWO of the allies DID give back the countries they 'liberated' to the people of those countries to run as they pleased.
And the USA actually DID spend billions of dollars helping to rebuild the Axis nations- as well as the liberated nations after the war.
US largess created stable democracies and thriving economies in both Germany and Japan.

I could argue that those facts alone prove there was at least ONE Good Guy in that war.

Without implying that other wars the US fought were the actions of a "good guy" nation.