What if the Minoan Civilization didn't fall?

Aug 2014
Like what if Thera didn't erupt and the Mycenaeans didn't invade? How much longer would they last and how different would Western Civilization be?

Personally I think they'd last till the Romans Empire and we'd be talking about Ancient Crete instead of Ancient Greece.

Dan Howard

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Aug 2014
If the Mycenaeans didn't invade then someone else would have. They seem to have had no defences to speak of except for the water around the island. If Alexander saw any benefit from Crete he would have had no trouble annexing the island. The Romans still would have invaded in 67 BC regardless of who was in control of the island at the time.
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Jun 2012
IF the Minoans (Mycenaean) Empire did not collapse, they would march northwards - Athens, Sparta, Macedonia, and the other city-states would have easily folded into the empire. Then the rest of the Med would be theirs... Who knows in 200 to 500 years the whole Mediterranean world might be speaking a version of Linear B instead of Latin.


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Dec 2015
The only way for a civilization with a dangerous homeland is to expand or migrate elsewhere.
In Superman, the Kryptonian civilization died out (in spite of their technologies) because they refuse to leave the perilous homeworld.