What if the native americans won in king phillips war?

Oct 2019
King Phillips War was a conflict fought between native Americans in new england and english settlers. The leader of the Native american side was Metacomet who was known as King Phillip by the English. The war went very well for the natives at first but after the Plymouth Plantations Campaign things went downhill. But what if Metacomet succeeded in throwing the settlers out of new england? Assuming that they dont just immediately move back in what would be the effects on history?


Ad Honoris
May 2014
It's very possible that this humiliation could compel the English to launch another invasion of New England in order to punish the Native Americans who engaged in this rebellion and to repopulate New England with Europeans. Roanoke Colony disappeared a century earlier, but this didn't prevent the English from trying again with Jamestown. This could mean that, once the English will return, English policy towards the Native Americans is going to be much more brutal.

If the English for whatever reason don't move back into New England (unlikely, IMHO), then maybe the Dutch and/or Swedish colonies in this area can expand. Also, maybe New France can expand further south into New England.