What if the ruling elite of Mittani were not Indo-Aryans?

Dec 2017
There are three main branches of Indo-Iranians:

• Iranian
• Indo-Aryan
• Nuristani

Proto-Indo-Aryan is said to have been spoken from 1500-1300 BC. This means that Proto-Indo-Iranian would have split into Proto-Indo-Aryan, Proto-Iranian, and Proto-Nuristani around that time. The Kingdom of Mittani is also said to have existed around 1500-1300 BC.

So the period in which the Mittani elite would have spoken Indo-Aryan would have been roughly around the same period that Proto-Indo-Iranian split off into Proto-Iranian, Proto-IA, and Proto-Nuristani.

This means that the language spoke by the Mittani could have been either a dialect of Proto-Indo-Iranian before the split happened or it could have been a fourth (now extinct) branch of Indo-Iranian. Or what if the "Indo-Aryan" loanwords were from trade with Indo-Iranians rather than because Indo-Aryans ruled them?
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