What if there are two or three human species today?

Sep 2017
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If there were a significant population of other humanoids, I’d imagine that there’d be a decrease in racism within each group at the cost of animosity between them (speciesism?).


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Jan 2017
that's not quite the whole story ,
the Neanderthal genes got into the family long before modern Homo got into Europe
at the time the Asian and European lines had not split up as yet
it further seems like there was several episode of admixture during the migrations
since there is no neanderthal Y or X gene present the genocide does seems probable

the continuity around the Levant between the two subspecies doesn't indicate co-existence either ,
there was no mixing , no individual showing traces of both descendants
it could just as well have been a back and forth hostile takeover
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Oct 2016
No, he didn't. Darwin was not postulating that one species survived by *deliberately* wiping out another.

"Survival of the fittest" simply means that an organism able to reproduce is a fit organism. It does not mean the suppression of other organisms, much less their deliberate destruction. It's an often misunderstood term.
competition. in the absence of a superabundance of resources the better adapted/fit survived and the lesser perished.
periodic disasters created choke points of herd culling.
humans didn't necessarily exterminate Neanderthals/Denisovians purposely, they might have just edged them out, like the lucky few in a lifeboat.
Jan 2008
there is actually a pre-sapiens homo who survived by mixing his ( male line ) gene into the Sapiens sapiens gene pool

Albert and Adam rewrite the story of human origins

morality..... make children not war !

Thanks for posting that fascinating article. I don't think that it's actually coming out and saying that the very, very old Y-chromosome lineage that's been discovered belongs to a seperate species than homo-sapiens (although it does speculate on that). What it's saying is that there's this recently discovered ancient Y-chromosome lineage in Central Africa (especially among Mbo tribesmen) that's seperate from the mainstream Y-chromosome lineage, from which everyone else descended. The original carrier of that Y-chromosome passed it on to his male descendants down to the present.

He may possibly have been a pre=sapiens hominid, and all of his male-line descendants died out, except for one that interbred back into the mainstream homo-sapiens line, and founded a father-to-son lineage that's existed right down to the present.

But it could also be the case that he was just another homo-sapiens who's Y-chromosome ( male-line) lineage diverged away from the mainstream Y-chromosome lineage back in very ancient times, and whose descendants interbred with mainstream homo-sapiens, but whose father-to-son direct lineage still persists, and retains its original Y-chromosome.
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May 2019
I am new but I will give my point of view here. For me it's quite impossible to have more than two species of Homo kind like. Because one of those species will always rise and destroy the other. Like what happened in our current timeline with the differents species all got destroy by Homo sapiens. The only scenario where it is possible is an isolated group scenario, but it's unlikely to happen because intelligent species, colonize all the territory they can get that what make us so widely spread on earth. Those conquest of new territories are the main reason why Neanderthal for example disappeared. And the timescale needed to get an speciation is too long, example it didn't take us that long to (re)discover the American natives. Intelligent species always explore so speciation is unlikely to happened in a territory like earth. We have like many species of lion for instance cause the lion in Africa don't care that much of those in America for example(who got extinct by the way). To give you an another example we are still wandering for life outside of earth even though those living creature might not care about us. Also don't get it wrong Homo sapiens didn't have as project to destroy his brother species or race, it happen just because of conflict, like we are fighting among us based on ethnicity. And last but not least the incapacity of inbreeding is the main reason they disappeared, while they got their population falling they can barely intermix and make at least part of their DNA pass through time(Neanderthal succeeded a bit). I think that mixed races people(I am neither for mixing or against it just choose who ever fits you) can help to make relation between to far group way better. That's why most of racist people are afraid of mixing cause that mean that they are becoming what they hate the most. In the other way pro mixing is not better either, for me the hurge of inbreeding is most of time done because people think unconsciously that the race will get better or their descendant will get less discrimination.
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They only had to establish one shoddy, speculative research that humans interbred with Neanderthals. From then on, fantasy creatures like 'denisovans' were concocted.

There ever was only one species of humans.


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They only had to establish one shoddy, speculative research that humans interbred with Neanderthals. From then on, fantasy creatures like 'denisovans' were concocted.

There ever was only one species of humans.
And you can back that up with evidence?
May 2019
Yeah I though that despite the exceptionally character of interspecies inbreeding there were some inbreeding with Neanderthal that was successful. But it was the exception not the rule at all that's why all non African carry a tiny heritage of Neanderthal DNA.
And I think that by his question he implies at our current time. And I still think it's not possible one of them will have supremacy at one extent before getting enough knowledge about not killing his neighbor and human right, laws.. And there was a competition on resources don't forget no agriculture at that time.