What if you became Fuhrer in June 1942?

Nov 2014
What if Hitler passed away and you became the new Fuhrer in June 1942? What would you do? Offering the Jews to let bygones be bygones (and we can always do this the easy way or the hard way)? Reversing the war declaration against the US and even offering military support against Japan by sending a Kriegsmarine fleet to the Pacific? Offering the Americans help in rocket and jet plane technology? Offering Stalin an armistice with a border similar to Brest Litovsk? Going back to status quo ante bellum in the West?


Ad Honoris
May 2014
Immediately stop the Holocaust and completely shift to the defensive position everywhere. I think that an offer to withdraw to the pre-war borders might have resulted in a coup against myself; thus, I wouldn't do that--at least not yet.


Ad Honorem
Aug 2015
Slovenia, EU
I would take Ukraine and Stalingrad on Volga river. After that I would dig in to let Soviets destroy themselves in winter offensive. And I would cut the crap in Northern Africa and first take Malta. before any push to east from Tripoli.

I would stop all persecution of eastern Slavs to get many of them against Soviets. I would create a sattelite state in Ukraine for that.
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