What if YOU were a Dictator/King/Emperor?

Jan 2016
Peaceful like Marcus Aurelius? Bloodthirsty and crazy like Nero? An Emperor like Alexander? A leader like Ghengis Khan? Pharaoh like Ramses? Maybe just a simple Earldom. or sleep with your sisters to maintain a royal bloodline ( I won't judge)

Come on lads. Now is your only chance to share your fantasies of controlling mass population.

But a.. seriously. A-couple questions

1.) How do you think you would rule? Or rather, how do you hope you would rule?
2.) What kingdom/empire would you want to rule over? One that is pre-existing or make your own?
3.) Time period?
4.) Maybe some laws you may create not known during that time.

(When I figure out my answers, I will put them here)


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Jul 2011
I would of course be a benevolent dictator...However as Sam said to Galadriel ......"You'd put things to rights. ........... You'd make some folk pay for their dirty work." and Galadriel replies "I would, that is how it would begin. But it would not stop with that, alas! "
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Jan 2016
I would hope to be a great ruler. One with compassion but also stern when need. A military tactical genius hehe.

I would like to rule over a greek city state. Not sure which. ooo Maybe be bad ass and be the guy that unifies all of Greece, but in a way where it lasts past his death (I'm looking at you Alexander). How is that for the story books?

Probably during the Helenistic period.

Id also crush the Romans, cause ya know. Why not.
Jan 2016
Also wouldn't mind experiencing being a Pharaoh. Or a King.

Ya know, the more I talk I realize my ambition would have led me to take over the world. As a nice guy of course. Looking in the best interest of those who don't know better. ;)


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Apr 2017
Las Vegas, NV USA
I would give the people a constitution that makes them think they are in charge but they're not. I am, but little do they know.:lol:

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