What is a Historian?

Peter Graham

Ad Honorem
Jan 2014
Ah, yes. They sometimes also accuse academics of being afraid to tell the truth.
Yes indeed. It is only those fearless types living at the edges who steadfastly refuse to kow-tow to The Man and/or have been blessed with preternatural amounts of common sense and/or who eschew the wet leftie politics of molly-coddled woke academics who have any prospect of getting to the truth. We can be sure of this because they tell us.
Mar 2012
I think that an Historian is a specialist who would use documented historical facts/evidences/records to assess the situation in a neutral, objective way and report it without alterations to the historical evidences.
In my opinions "historians" who are biased, nationalistic,religious or side-taking, are not historians but rather history interpreters.