What is Sub-Saharan Africa


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Mar 2012
Whoa, calm down.

I think it should be a cultural boundary not a geographical one.

Where the people of Africa developed their own culture without the influence of other cultures.
Lawnmowerman you should spend some time actually reading African history. There are numerous civilizations in so called Sub-Saharan Africa which were in contact with or influenced by other cultures as pointed out by other posters.
Apr 2015
For the ignorant and the bigots, it's any part of Africa that had no ancient civilizations. But by true definition, it's any country that has borders reaching anywhere south of the Sahara. Mali being one good example of a country both in and out of the Sahara. Ethiopia is COMPLETELY outside of the Sahara yet the bigots want to take that from us too.
since when did Ethiopia become your to possess?

the only thing the European got correct was north Africa. it is a coherent entity. flank by the Mid and the Sahara. it been dominated by Greco-Roman and Muslim civilization for the last 2 thousand years. South of the Sahara there are at least a dozen geographic and culture expression. (1) there is the southern Sahara and the entire Sahel stretching from Senegal river to the Niger river where it joins Benue river. this region is united by culture, trade, Islam.(2) to the south, is the forest regions, from Guinea to the igbo land in Nigeria. these land traded the most with the Europeans and powerful kingdom development in this region in the last 500 year. it is the land most devastated by slaver trade but also region which is the source of all African cultural influence on the new world. whether it is music in north america, voodoo in Haiti or Yoruba gods that still worshiped in Brazil.(3) the great African forests from Cameron to the north Angola. these region shares similar climate, culture, and the roman catholic religion having been french, Belgium or Portuguese colonies. (4) southern Angola to Botswana is dominated by Namib desert. most people speak southern bantu language yet the San bush men still cling to a neolithic existence. (5) west of the namib desert are the great temperate lands south of the limbobo river and the high plateau of Zambia and Zimbabwe. these country all speak English having been colonized by the British. they are also rich in mineral resources. (6) starting from Malawi to the lake Victoria, the rift valley create high basins where Africa great rivers are located. these country speak English, the population is made up both speakers of Bantu and nilotic languages. (7) from Limpopo vast Savannah dominate the land all the way to Kenya arid north eastern region. all the people are bantu and Swahili is the dominant language except in Mozambique . (8) along the Indian ocean coast are located sheltered bays and island that have trade with the rest of the world since 100 AD. they speak Swahili and have a cosmopolitan culture. (9) island of the Indian ocean outside of the Swahili culture. Madagascar, reunion, Seychelles, Mauritius.(10) horn of Africa, made up of a hot dry lowland and lush highlands inhabited by people who speak cushitic/Semitic/omotic/nilotic languages. (11) the nile valley. (12) the grassland and desert from Darfur to lake chad where population speak several nilotic languages.

one question i want to post to the OP is why is Europe its own continent when it really is just a peninsula of Eurasia. ultimate it about power.


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Feb 2013
A politically correct euphemism for 'black' Africa on the part of people who want an umbrella term to mean one thing even when superficially neutral.
Jun 2013
A politically correct euphemism for 'black' Africa on the part of people who want an umbrella term to mean one thing even when superficially neutral.
That's pretty much what I said. There's nothing wrong with recognizing the difference between Moroccans, Libyans, Ghanaians, Angolans and South Africans. But aren't there many differences between Ghanaians, Angolans, and South Africans as well?