What is the future of humanity?


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Dec 2015
Oh,OK . Have not read that novel. Pretty much stopped reading fiction quite a few years ago.

Not sure 50 billion is at all sustainable. I suspect we would run out of resources long before that population was reached.

True enough that humans are unimportant, but I think only in the sense that we're no more important than any other species. But, my species is of paramount importance to me, and I am exceedingly important to myself
I forgot who ignites the poet in me; then, free verses are easy to read and fun to write:

Believe to be the centre of existence,
bring themselves to the pinnacle,
The grasp of humanity,
Is as tenuous as a thread.

The human existence
As tenuous as it is,
We cherish what we have done,
and what we are about to do.

(I know my free verses are crude and unrefined; then, they are reignited at least.)

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