What is the longest military conflict in very broad terms


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What is the longest 2 countries or 2 armies or 2 groups fought on again and off again battles or conflicts? My definition would be any type of violent conflict as long as it is ongoing with up to a 25 year break in hostilities. I'd say it would need to be armies, even small armies, fighting each other but I won't be too strict about that definition.

In other words I am talking about something like the 100 years war or the Swiss rebelling against the Habsburgs in the 1290s and their independence wasn't recognized until 1648 over 250 years later.

I picked 25 years as a break in hostilities as an arbitrary number.

I am not sure if situations like England and the IRA or Israel and the PLO count as "armed conflict". I have no strong opinion on that either way, but the basic idea I am asking about would involve 2 armies fighting each other, I think.

My thread was inspired by this thread, about the longest military campaign in history.

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England vs Scotland was an on-off conflict for several centuries. The viking conflicts with England went on for quite some time too.


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The Eighty Years War, its first phase saw open warfare with no resto from 1568 to 1609

The Arauco War saw also long, even longer, periods of war.

The Moro uprising against Christian authorities has been ongoing since 1565
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The Arab-Roman wars are certainly a contender, lasting from the 630's to the 1050's with very little interruption, over 400 years, or even into the late 12th century if you allow for the Seljuq distraction, so over 500. The Islamic ideology of the time also meant that only temporary truces were ever signed with non-Islamic states, so it technically was a single, continuous war as well instead of a series of interrupted conflicts.