What is the meaning of these Chinese characters?

Jan 2019
The Netherlands
Dear reader,
Your help is appreciated to find the meaning (and if possible the location) of these Chinese characters. The photos were made in the 1930s during a voyage from Europe to Hong Kong.

The photos in full can be found here:
https://flic.kr/p/QDWXtZ https://flic.kr/p/2ekEg5o
Thank you!

Kind regards,
Pieter Lommerse


Aug 2018
lou lim ioc garden gate macao [pictured in time of his dad ... lou kau ]
what carved relief says? you should be able to look it up maybe.

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Aug 2018
as far as i can see the first one says "water" then "i cannot read it yet" then "together or also" in oracle script
Aug 2018
here is a better picture of the lou lim ieoc garden sign. it says somewhere that it is portugese written in chinese characters.
Jan 2016
United States, MO
Ok, I have never had any training to read bronze age seal script, but I can make out some of these.
The top says

The right side from top to bottom says
三徑綠陰成 X X

The other side says
一 X X 水躍文魚

The bottom is too small to make out properly.

I have marked what i don’t recognize with an X.

I don’t know portugese, but at least some of this makes sense in Chinese. I am not certain though because there are too many unknown factors. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help

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