What is the meaning of these Chinese characters?

Jul 2019
top : 濠亦

right : 三经缘阴成翠幄

Left : 一枝春水跃大鱼

mean : This is a good place for the host to succeed.

The bottom is not clear. It's the author's name.
Jul 2019
Ok, I have never had any training to read bronze age seal script, but I can make out some of these.
The top says

The right side from top to bottom says
三徑綠陰成 X X

The other side says
一 X X 水躍文魚

The bottom is too small to make out properly.

I have marked what i don’t recognize with an X.

I don’t know portugese, but at least some of this makes sense in Chinese. I am not certain though because there are too many unknown factors. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help
Some Chinese is wrong. The difficulty lies not in seal writing, but in ancient culture.

For example, the last word is "big fish", which means "dragon". This poem means that the fish in the pond will turn into a dragon. It implies that the homeowner will succeed.


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Apr 2013
it is 三径绿荫成翠幄 一池春水跃文鱼, 亦濠

the meaning of the sentence cannot be decomposed to a combination of each characters.
just knowing the characters won't give you understanding of those, sorry.

during the history of china, a lot of habit terms were formed to record specific events/stories of the past. the former stories were used as analogy to express the ideas or feelings.

there are two stories used here.
first, at the fall of western han, a scholar felt sorrow of the evil ones in power, and he escaped from his official position to a remote place to build a house. there are only three road outside his house, from which he can visit several person who share a lofty spirit with him.
the story means the house owner is satisfied to be out from the complicated conflicts of society, and keep his own lofty spirit.

the second, Zhuang Zi once walked along a river, he saw fish passing by, he thought the fish were happy in water as they need not to concern about all the troubles of human social life.
again, it shows the house owner is willing to live a plain but satisfied life.

the picture in between characters draws the Hou Yi obtaining the immortal medicine from goddess, showing the house owner want to live plain and happy for a long life.
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