What is the value of debate, in itself?


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Aug 2010
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No, at least if one does not reflect first that utopian aspirations can all too easily lead to tyranny and a dystopian reality; if one has not learnt that from the history of the last 150 years, it is impossible to learn anything at all from history. In my view gradual, measured and tentative reform is always the best approach to improving society.
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Mar 2018
What a strange question.

Debate is how we share ideas with others and learn in a critical way. If you're not willing to debate what utopia is or how to get there, how can you possibly work towards getting there? It's like saying "what's the point of designs or blueprints, or tools; just go and build the car already"
Jan 2017
Earlier today I watched an episode from Milton Friedman's series "Free to Choose", from 28:15 the discussion on the welfare state begins.

Half a dozen educated people in a room can't agree on the best way to help poor people, how do you expect several hundred million to reach a consensus?

Sep 2016
Maybe they are just idiots. Those are also types of people who never achieve great or meaningful things in their lives. They can never make it in real world and love world of safe books too much.

Now they are all dead or will be dead soon and nobody will remember that they even existed in 30 years after their deaths.


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Dec 2011
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To exchange opinions, review facts hence deducing a conclusion on the matter. Estabish a hypothesis and to determine whether or not the argument supports it. Don't hurl insults, act childish, throw a tantrum or be verbally abusive,. I like a little humor not obnoxious the argument can be detailing not boring. A debate is appealing when there is an exchange of wisdom...clarity and humor.