What is your favorite ex-USSR country (excluding Russia, of course)?

Apr 2018
Upland, Sweden
it looks like a local variant of syrok/сырок, it is originally a Soviet-Russian sweet made from curd cheese and covered with chocolate. One of the truly great legacy of the USSR. :D We also have a local version of it (called túró rudi in Hung) and everybody loves it here, although most people aren't aware of its origin from the SU :))
That is exactly what it is! And yeah, I know: although I think you'd hear some Estonians maintain that it's "mainly an Estonian, maybe partially a Latvian and Lithuanian thing" in a slightly upset tone of voice haha. While they do have a great and proud tradition of integrating curd cheese into almost everything (it's great in bread and buns as well obviously), they're not exactly unique in Europe east of the Rhine in that...

The concept is quite lovely though - one of the few truly magnificent things to come out of Soviet Union indeed. I'll try to find one when I drop by Budapest this autumn! :D

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