What is your opinion of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk?

What is your opinion of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk?

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Oct 2012
Des Moines, Iowa
What is your opinion of the great nationalist and secularist leader of early 20th century Turkey, and what is the basis of your opinion?

As an anti-theist and advocate of absolute secularism, I have no choice but to place Mustafa Kemal in the highest regard.


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Jul 2011
I agree. Mustafa Kemal was a great military and civil leader, a very rare combination. His efforts in WWI and immediately after in the War of Independence, then his efforts to build a modern, secular Turkish state from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire were outstanding. It's a pity his good work is now being undone.


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Jul 2014
Lower Styria, Slovenia
In general quite positive, although I don't think of him as an angel of any kind. :) On of the better things that happened to Turkey though. At least that's how I see it.
Apr 2013
Very negative. It makes me laugh when some people call Mustafa Kemal Atatürk "a Turkish nationalist".

That guy came from the Young Turks, a so-called "nationalist" movement completely modelled after Western racial conceptions of the 19th century. He had in fact no clue about the true "Universalist" soul of the Turks from old times since the Seljuks, Qarakhanids, Ghaznavids, Ottomans ...

He suffered from a profound inferiority complex disorder. It shows how the mental disorder of one unique person can impact to some degree an entire nation. But fortunately, things are gradually changing and Turks are emancipating themselves from the kemalist mental prison.

Westerners, by and large, are deeply satisfied with Atatürk, because it makes Turks a restrained and inoffensive nationalist nation.
Apr 2013
don't take his guy seriously , he is a isis supporter islamic lowbie, bottom of the turkish society
You are free to like or not my views, but don't insult me. I don't insult you. I am not an ISIS supporter. It is not the first time that you insult people in the forum. I would not even care to report you. You just can't provide useful and relevant arguments. FYI, Turks existed well before the advent of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.


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Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
Considering the context in which he grew up [a very old "Empire" which survived in its own shadow and on the base of ancient traditions] he did his best and he gave to Turkish people a great future.

It's quite difficult to think to a 20th century statesman who was able to do something similar for his people.

In my personal opinion Atatürk was even better of Churchill.


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Aug 2015
My opinion of Ataturk is very positive. The only negative is that he didn't go far enough. He should have invited westerners to proselytize Christianity among the Turks, and that could have prevented Turkey's current slide back to Islamism.

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