What lesson(s) should be learned from the history of the holocaust?

Jul 2019
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If so, why didn't he convert to Judaism if he's such a hardcore Zionist? ;)
First of all, they can call him a Jew even if he isn't one. They use the label 'Jew' rather promiscuously. But it's all part of the conspiracy - he's incognito.

Edit: The farthest I ever got convincing a conspiracy theorist that Jews weren't plotting to turn all gentiles into their slaves was when i pointed out, "Why would we WANT billions of slaves? We currently have only a single occupation, and look how much trouble they're causing the Jews!" To my surprise, the fellow conceded that it was a good point. He said something to the effect of, "Well, I guess not ALL of you guys are bad".
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First of all, they can call him a Jew even if he isn't one. They use the label 'Jew' rather promiscuously. But it's all part of the conspiracy - he's incognito.
Gotcha! :D BTW, I'm assuming that they believe that the Moon landing is a Jewish conspiracy as that was simply filmed in Hollywood by Jewish filmmakers? ;)
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I do not think you can really argue with racists and anti-Semites because they won't accept any arguments that do not support their position and will instead dismiss them by claiming there is a wide conspiracy that is twisting facts.
Racists and communists and religious loonies can babble whatever they wish until they start proposing and demanding violence. That should be a line when a violence proposer should meet judicial system.
Mar 2019
FTR, I myself am actually Jewish (well, not by halakhic standards, but I'm a believer in changing halakha to suit the times). I was simply trying to make a joke and to be funny! :D I really do like both cheeseburgers and pork, though.
That was a great running joke in Big Bang theory. The Jewish guy loved his pork and the Indian guy had no issues tucking into a juicy hamburger
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How can what I have to say cause you to step out of your front door and kill someone?
Its called Rhetoric.

Asking that question is like asking how can what a president, or King says get you to put on a uniform and go to war...?

Authoritarians use the scapegoating of others in order to win people over to engaging in otherwise immoral conduct.
It creates a false sense of belonging when YOU get to be part of the group who is NOT being persecuted.
It encourages others to mimic or even ramp up the incitement, because they feel safer in doing so when surrounded by others also doing it.
This can escalate- and no one raindrop thinks its to blame for the flood.

its how mobs work-
How leadership works.
And how disinformation campaigns work.

You can see it in how foreign adversaries of democracy have actively undermined social cohesion in western nations using nothing but newsfeeds, re-tweets and memes.

Tell enough people there's an 'invasion' of criminals and thieves coming across the border- and one of your followers might well decide to Act on those lies.

Demonizing abortion providers results in doctors getting shot.
Demonizing the government results in the Murrah building being blown up, and WACO, and the stealing of Supreme court nominations.

The ONLY thing that makes people act are IDEAS.

The notion that your ideas, expressed, have no culpability in what people do is fallacious.

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