What lesson(s) should be learned from the history of the holocaust?

Jan 2017
Asking that question is like asking how can what a president, or King says get you to put on a uniform and go to war...?
A president or a king can't get you to go to war unless you choose to do so.

Go down that road of thinking and everything you ever do is down to someone else. So why bother doing anything?
Oct 2009
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A president or a king can't get you to go to war unless you choose to do so.

Go down that road of thinking and everything you ever do is down to someone else. So why bother doing anything?
You ever try dodging a draft?

You utterly ignore a world of research into human suggestibility.
Not all people act as independent agents. MOST follow suggestion.

Ask ANYONE in advertising whether suggestion affects human actions.

When a LEADER expresses an indifference to violence and hatred perpetrated against a demonized group- or worse- actively encourages violence against them- he is tacitly implying that your government or your culture will not prosecute you for committing said violence.

It is clearly evident that HITLER's tacit endorsement of nationalist ANTISEMITISM resulted in people who harbored those ideas feeling safer in expressing them and emboldened to act them out.

NO ONE is suggesting that incitement absolves the perpetrator of violence.... of course those who commit violence are guilty of making that choice.

But it is imbecilic to suggest that those who actively instigate that violence get a pass because they themselves did not commit the violence.

For example... Is a mafia boss culpable for ordering a hit on a rival?

He didn't pull the trigger.- so, by your reasoning he has no responsibility?

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Jul 2013
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Yes, I do not recall ever seeing a nun or a priest set upon for wearing the trappings of their particular faith.
I don’t have any problem with nuns, priests, rabbis, or Muslims or others wearing religious clothing. I do have a problem with people of any religion hiding their faces in public. I have lived in a muslim country where very few women wore the full face veil and that was fine. It was, after all, “their” country. I would be very much against the face veil in the US, but they can wear all the flowing robes they’re want - just don't hide the face: I find it disturbing and dangerous.
Jul 2013
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Go on then, why exactly are we all insane?

I've been to Croatia several times and it's the most calm country I've ever been to. Everything about it: the weather, the sea, the people. I didn't get the impression of a country suffering from collective insanity.
I would just observe that if “everyone is insane”, then no one is insane.
Jan 2011
My view is I can't understand why anyone would have a problem with a woman walking down the street in whatever religious attire she chooses to wear, providing she's not breaking the law, and in my experience such people do not break the law.


For exactly the same reason people have a problem with someone walking down the street wearing KKK or SS attire or accompanied by someone and on a leash...

Most of the people who argue for the "freedom to wear anything one wants" tend to go ballistic if that anything turns out to be the above

As for the part "such people do not break the law", that is simply prejudiced... for starters "such people" have a tendency to break the law in countries where such attire is prohibited..... More problematic some "such people" have been known to help in radicalizing young men who then proceed to commit all kinds of atrocities.... Quite often "such people" are extremists and acting as such

And it has been should be noted that

The ban against the face-covering veil is a frequent theme in publications linked to jihadist organisations such as Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

as well as the islamic brotherhood

If IS , the islamic brotherhood and such organizations support the face veil, its really not innocuous.....
Jul 2013
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There is no notion of "blood grudges" here, there is merely shitty situation all around. As I said, different cultures in close proximity = murder spree.
May I suggest that it is sometimes possible to put different cultures together without causing a civil war? If you leave your hatreds behind at the “front door” and introduce yourself with all - or at least most of them behind the door you came in on, then you might actually have a peaceful life. Bring them through that door, and all hell might break loose.

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