What makes Kosovo a Serbian land and why should it join Serbia?


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Aug 2016
When are we expecting a decision regarding including at least the succeeding seven years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union as fair for discussion??? Wasn't there an expression that most of mod team was prepared to advance that date? My misperception or not?
It has been discussed, but I don't see a change in the rule happening anytime soon. There are at least two factors to consider: 1) the time necessary to view events with historical perspective, and I would agree with you that 28 years is more than enough, but also 2) the ability of the Historum community to discuss issues dispassionately, and this is still a problem. Bill Clinton and the whole red state-blue state thing still arouse political arguments, and in this case so does the break up of the Former Yugoslavia. There are a few other events from the 1990s that still get people pretty worked up.
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Aug 2019
I wanna know what makes Kosovo Serbian?

Out of all the empires that held it and all the people that stepped foot in that land;

Bulgarians, Albanians, Romans, Byzantines, Greeks, Vlachs, Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks, Turks, Ottomans. Illyrians, Thracians, Dacians etc

What makes Kosovo originally a Serbian land?

Albanians make up the majority of the region and did so when it was occupied by Serbia in 1912, forget about Albanian history or where Albanians came from. And show me why Kosovo was originally a Serbian land?

Explain to me why a Kosovo 90%++ inhabited by Albanians should join Serbia?

Serbs didn't originate in this land. They came there like everyone else, so what makes this land originally Serbian? Serbs moved in from their base Rashka into Kosovo, so it wasn't the cradle of the Serbs.

What should happen to the Albanians in Kosovo? That means more Albanians in Serbia? Albanians came there? So did everyone else? Should Albanians go back to Malsia? Why should they move? In that case why don't the small minority of Slavs there move? Prior to 1500 there were no Slavs in the Balkans to begin with. They were historically recorded to of come there, while there is no historical record of Albanians, so we assume Albanians came there before history was even recorded

I'm into genetics and there are Serbs who get Ukraine and Russia as their top countries of ancestry. Why don't they go back to Ukraine and Russia then if they are gonna tell others to move?

What makes Kosovo Serbian?

I still haven't seen a single credible arguement to this day.

The best I've seen is

''Serbs used to live in Kosovo'' - That doesn't make it originally Serbian land. Bulgarians used to live there too, that doesn't make it Bulgarian land.

''It was part of the Serb medieval state'' - And so? It was also part of the Bulgarian empire, Roman Empire, Byzantium Empire, prior to that and also Ottoman Empire and even some Albanian principalities like the Dukagjini.

''Kosovo is a Slavic word'' - So? That doesn't mean it's Serbian. There is no Serbian language to begin with.

''There are Serbian Churches in Kosovo'' - The Serb medieval state, that ceased to exist 500 years ago, was the last Christian empire to colonize it. Most of these churches are leftovers from then and prior to that the region had a history from before, Romans, Byzantiums, etc and many of these Churches even date back to then.

So what makes Kosovo a Serbian land and why should Kosovo join Serbia? Because I keep hearing Serbs say ''Kosovo is Serbia'' ?
A major clash between the ottomans and the christian coalition, led by the serbian count lasarus, took place in 1389 there. It represents a neverending grief for the serbs that they lost the battle of kosovo field, despite of the enemy being outnumbered; the ottomans outmanouvered the serbs and the western coalition and won the day.
Through the centuries many epic tales have been sung on this battle of battles, so much so that the memory of the battle has become part of the serbian self-identification.
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