What rendered modern women's rights possible?


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"there is a kind of macabre humour to it I can appreciate as a Brit. "

soviet humor was somewhat vicious
"in a two car race the soviet car came second while the capitalist one was one before last "

"they pretend to pay us and we pretend to work "

"give the time of day to an Ukrainian and they will keep the watch "

the British show "prime minister" was shown on Russian TV to the absolute delight of the audience
they could recognize the similarities
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During my childhood, sexism persisted to a degree; we assumed mothers to be housewives at that point.
Today, two income families are the norm.
What happened during the 20th century that raised women's rights unprecedentedly?
What increased women's rights even further during the later half of twentieth century? We can still stay within the 1991 cutoff line.
In a word? Education.

In the west a dramatic decrease in the influence and control of "religion" --- male dominated organisations and industries that administered to, and educated (propagandised) the populace by means of the Christian Bibles (plural) --- over the mindsets of men and women alike. Heresy and/or blasphemy legal barbed wire had previously caged the mindset of much of the populous from antiquity - for fourteen centuries - until the 18th century.
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Men were also fighting for equal rights for themselves. So, a lot of their arguments for voting rights (and other rights) to be extended to all men held true for women as well.
Women's rights already came under discussion during the French Revolutions, which if of course a prime example of this.
Nov 2013
The right to vote , absolutely !
and a sense of fairness from the men ,
they fought , suffered and died for centuries fighting for their voices to count
denying it to women didn't seems right somehow
The United States is a very business run society; I think a lot of the sexism and lack thereof in American society since 1976 is attribuable to this; the corporate sector (though often very conservative) is not as opposed to feminism or affirmative action as the feminists would like to think; so the USA has certain forms of feminism not in spite but because of how corporatised it is.


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This is a patriarchal society men rule. If you take in the Bible's account man is the head. Contrastingly, if you look at it from a evolution perspective men are fitter and stronger. Women were made to do what men can not do.

To answer your question the feminist movement made it possible. Funny thing in doing this women lost their own sense of identity masquerading in a man's world. While I strongly believe some playing field should be leveled realistically all can not be viewed equilaterally.

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