What "spaces" are open for human colonisation?


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Oct 2016
I work in the space industry. Juno? Orbiting Jupiter right now? I worked on that. Insight? Launching to Mars in a couple of months? I worked on that. Orion? Lockheed's next people carrier? I worked on that, too ... and others.

The guy that likes anti-gravity solves part of the problem. What about the enormous distances? Juno is the fastest man-made thing ever made: 145,000 MPH as it approached Jupiter. Speed of light is about 186,000 miles-per-second. At the speed of light, it would take generations of people to get anywhere outside our system.

What about Mars? About 10 yrs ago (maybe not so much), Discover did nice coverage of "The 11 problems in travel to Mars." All of them are fatal, none have been solved.

In 1973, it cost $25.4 BILLION to land two guys on the Moon, and bring them back. Do you think it got cheaper today? Reverse inflation? Once they were built, the Shuttles only cost $450 million each mission ... but they never went anywhere but the Int'l Space Station. From a cost versus benefit analysis, they just didn't work. It was a good idea: RV front end attached to a big 18-wheeler type cargo bay. It didn't save money like they thought it would

With any kind of technology we have on the drawing boards, it's so exhorbitantly expensive to move people around in space, any kind of "colony" talk is just impractical. Elon Musk is a very rich man, but he says a lot of things that just aren't true. Maybe he figures that if he throws enough money at it, the problems will solve themselves. There are many projects in government that work this way. :)

Anti-gravity? My favorite dream is worm holes ... like that show where they use portals to pop around the universe to nice habitable planets.

I don't like people in space. I like robots. Japan sent an orbiter to Mars, that failed. Japan sent an orbiter to Venus, that made one orbit. The Russian mission to a Martian moon blew up just outside the atmosphere. Stuff happens. No people were lost. ... but robots aren't sexy & don't put a man-vs-space spin on missions. People like astronauts.
Well said !

The solution ? Worm holes ... teleportation ? Pfffft !

Change how we live ..... or it will get changed for us !

I had personal experience in this ; I live on a 'multiple occupancy' a parcel of rural land approved for multiple dwellings / house sites. Our plans for development had to be submitted to local council. Originally we planned for around 15 house sites. Some people wanted a lot more - 'development' . But that seemed 'overcrowding' .

Whats the point of making a multiple occupancy in a rural environment, seeking a better lifestyle, with nature space and place to grow organic healthy food and bring up children for families and then fill it up until its like suburbia again ?

I got those concerned to admit there HAD to be some limit ... then asked ; why not make it a comfortable or enjoyable limit if there IS going to be a limit.

I eventually got my way ; we settled at 15 sites, plenty of space around people; nature, some natural areas, food growing, fantastic place for kids to grow up and large areas of undeveloped forest, creeks and gullies with pristine environment ; rare and endangered animals and plants .

Why not do that ? I'll tell you why .... so people that dont live there can make money out of it .

Making money out of others 'suffering' is big business for some . That, of course, is what is driving all this mess we got we got into.