What territories did Germany intend to keep after World War II?

Nov 2013
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Had the Axis won at least some kind of victory in World War II, retaining all their occupied territories, how would Hitler reshape the borders of Europe? What nations would he keep and integrate as German territories, what nations would he release as puppet governments, and which (if any) would be allowed to go relatively free after the end of the war? Certainly many of these were temporary military occupations and not intended to be permanently kept?


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I think all the areas in the two darker shades of blue would be retained except possibly in France outside of Alsace-Lorraine (AL). I think France would be too hard to assimilate and would be a valuable trading partner. This also might apply to Wallonia which could be "gifted" to France to help peacetime relations given Germany's keeping of AL. The dark blue Reich including Norway would have German citizenship while other retained areas would have colonial status or French citizenship.
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In France,the nazis would have colonized the Ardennes,Champagne and Bourgogne-old territories of the "francs"-assimilated as Alsace and Lorraine.A muppet government,fascist,antisemit and anticomunist would have been built in Paris with the team of Pierre Laval,muppet of "the german gauleiter of the francs".A vassal fascist agricol state would have been autorized in Vichy,with the succesor of the marshall Petain.In a second time,populations impossible to germanize, would have been expulsed in Algiers,to create a metek and vassal muppet state of Vichy.It was also question of a nazi protectorat in Bretony,which like Slovaquia would have been utilized as fortress, to control the sea communications between the Atlantic ocean and the Manche.

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