What was and wasn't mentioned in the Declaration of Independence

Jul 2011
It indirectly mentions the Navigation Act, depriving them of trade with the world, despite the fact that Spanish America had similar restrictions.

It also indirectly mentions the Quebec Act, talking about establishing an arbitrary system of government in a neighboring province and expanding its borders. There was concern that the west was going to be part of Quebec, Catholic, under French law with no elections or trial by jury. The religious issue was not mentioned, probably mainly not to offend France and Spain, but also not to offend US Catholics and Quebec.

There is no mention of issues with the Church of England, despite the Revolution resulting in it going from being established in most colonies to being a tiny minority. A high percentage of the delegates were still Church of England, they didn't want to offend patriot Anglicans, and it also could be offensive to France and Spain.

The Proclamation of 1763 is not mentioned, even though it was a major cause of the revolt and war. Obviously, this would have been offensive / threatening to Spain and maybe France.
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Aug 2016
Religion was avoided because Americans themselves were religiously diverse. Eventually we would enshrine religious neutrality in the First Amendment, but that was still in the future. Even the understanding and application of the First Amendment's non-establishment clause would evolve in the early 19th century.

Many things are mentioned and not mentioned in the DoI. Care to narrow your question?
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