What was and wasn't mentioned in the Declaration of Independence

Jun 2017
"Democracy" is not mentioned by name although it is basic to the whole document ("We the people..." not "We the duly appointed representatives.."). I believe that the word "republic" is mentioned only once although it is clear that a republic was being established.


Ad Honorem
Oct 2010
You say it is a system of "domination." The Founders and Framers call it system of "liberty."

If this is a matter of fact, not opinion, then one those two "facts" is about 100% wrong.
Wel lthey needed some proprganda to average people to fight for their interestes that is "liberty," " inaleinable rights" stuff. It worked so well that people beleive it now,

It minatined thier rights, propoertied Men called the shots, teh few, the many were subjected to laws hey made up, and decided upon. The Decison making was resticted to the few.

Slavery continued for all the talk of inalienable rights. It's appilcation was restircted and only applied to some.