What was Australia's and New Zealand's attitude toward NATO during Cold War?


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Oct 2016
Its on loan from USA .

It fulfills all our naval purposes at the moment .

We recently had another visitor ... its always a popular sight when a big ship comes into Sydney Harbor ;


'Wave to the sailors kids , wave ..... oh ! "


" What's that little Johnny ? Are they on our side ? Ummmmm ... well .... that's a complicated answer Johnny . "



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Jul 2011
Works both ways...1562751240813.png
But the uninformed get excited about the trivial stuff like warship visits instead of the economic threat posed by China and its insidious infiltration of our institutions.


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Jul 2016
The main thrust would be in Germany with Warsaw Pact forces pushing though the Fulda Gap. The NATO plan was to fall back and use tactical nukes to break the primarily Soviet momentum. The rest of the world would be irrelevant. Either there is a stalemate and cease fire or things would escalate to the use of strategic nukes with catastrophic world-wide consequences.
The main attack against the US Army corps in W. Germany would be at the Fulda Gap, but the main attack against W. Germany as a whole would almost surely be to the north, where German, British, and other NATO forces defended much flatter and better ground to attack on.

The US plan was to conduct a very slow fighting retreat, with constant counter attacks, with the hope to buy time for REFORGER. But there were times when the Bundswehr doctrine meant not retreating from the border and voluntarily giving up territory.

Rest of world wouldn't be irrelevant. Fir instance, when Fulda Gap is being forced by two full tank armies, what happens to Washington DC or Moscow? What happens to Soviet bases on the Pacific coast? What happens to US bases in S. Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Guam, Diego Garcia? They're all getting nuked.

What does PRC do? What about North Korea? Great time to get stuff done that normally they can't because US is busy.

Australia would be in a very difficult position. They would basically be alone in Asia surrounded by enemy, including the USSR, which is also an Asian country.
Oct 2018
Australia would be as subservient to the US as it has been since the 60s (with the exception of the Whitlam years). As for NZ, it's worth bearing in mind that it was suspended from the ANZUS Treaty in 1986 when it initiated a nuclear-free zone in its territorial waters.