What was London like in Roman times?


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Aug 2013
Because the Romans have built strong fortifications,"the Adrien wall",a litle version of the "China s walls",wich significates that the populations of Scotland were dangerous for their political system.
Hadrians Wall is not on the border between England and Scotland, it's in the north of England, and there is disagreement about why it was built. Though 'Scotland' and 'England' didn't exist anyway.

London and Colchester were destroyed by the Iceni and Trinovantes in AD 60


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amongst the first Londoners were

"....Tertius the brewer, Proculus the haulier, Tibullus the freed slave, Optatus the food merchant, Crispus the innkeeper, Classicus the lieutenant colonel, Junius the barrel maker, Rusticus (one of the governor's bodyguards) and, last but not least, Florentinus the slave..."

Long-lost voices of the first Londoners revealed in one of the most important archaeological discoveries yet

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May 2017
I think it is a doble system of defense:first wall Adrian line (122-127 after JC) second wall Antonin line (142 after JC).I think the second is more military (positions of the L├ęgions) than the first (taxes upon the economics changes).

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