What was the rule of Leopold II in the Congo?

Oct 2014
1. It was brutal and extremely exploitative like other colonial expeditions into Africa.
2. His legacy was a country that, unlike the "humaneness of other colonizers, there was not much time given between transfer of power from colonial power to self-rule/independence. That mattered a lot because a country even richer than South Africa (river & size on top of minerals) is a failed state.
Lumumba took power but his efforts to unite the country were interfered with & he was eventually ousted and murdered by help of foreign involvement. The Western lap dog (I saw him in the Queen's carriage) that took power ensured pillaging by his guarantors. Today you have Uganda & Rwanda doing Western dirty work to enable pillage of minerals with over 6 million deaths up to now in that quagmire.
If Leopold had done differently the country would have turned out like say Nigeria.