What weighs heavier to you? Your nation or your region?

What weighs higher to you? Your nation or your region?

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    Votes: 32 76.2%
  • Region

    Votes: 10 23.8%

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Sep 2010
Somewhere in the former First French Empire
If you had to choice what you are between a regional choice, let's say a New Yorker or someone from Wurttemburg or between a United States Citizen or German, what would your first pick be? The region that you are from or the nation?
Mar 2012
My nation because basically Turks are almost everywhre and we ruled a lot of places thus nation is more important
Apr 2010
evergreen state, USA
I haven't answered the poll yet. I'm leery of both religious ideology and flag-waving nationalism. If I had my way, I'd be independently wealthy and a world traveler.


Ad Honoris
Jan 2010
♪♬ ♫♪♩
My nation is what guarantees my rights in this world, to a degree - and in a limited area. It is a tool i would find hard without.


Historum Emeritas
Oct 2009
My nation. The only American state I feel any special bond with is my mother-state, Maryland. I don't have an iota of loyalty to the state I currently live in.

If Maryland seceded from the Union, I'm not sure what I'd do, but I suspect my logic and my desire to live to see old age would make the choice for me.
Dec 2012
But what is a nation but a harmonized set of regions under one system? When choosing your region in a way you are also choosing your country.
Apr 2011
Melbourne Australia
On reflection I think it would be my country. It's where I live and so what it is and how it acts is important to me even if at times I may disagree with some actions and attitudes.