What were the biggest ways that an ordinary person could have influenced US history?


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May 2014
Let's say that Alien Space Bats will give me a time machine which will allow me to go back once to any point in U.S. history. Also, let's say that I *would be* willing to sacrifice my present-day possessions, modern medicine, et cetera since I wouldn't be able to come back to the present-day.

Anyway, where exactly should I go back in U.S. history to make a big impact?

I mean, I was thinking of going back to 1881 in order to prevent President Garfield's assassination (logistically, prevent Garfield's assassination seems a bit easier than preventing Lincoln's and McKinley's assassinations; as for JFK's assassination, preventing Vietnam isn't big enough for me). After all, this would almost certainly ensure a Republican victory in 1884 and thus possibly distort the political balance of power in the U.S. after that point in time. Plus, it's early enough that the butterfly effect could prevent Adolf Hitler in our TL's form from ever being born. (I mean, I would think that news of a U.S. presidential assassination being halted would have reached Austria even back in 1881.)

Anyway, though, is there a better place and time for me to travel back to? Also, please keep in mind that I don't want to be a time traveler who kills someone (even someone like Hitler); rather, I want to change the path of history in a big way without doing anything bad or evil.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this? Where and when exactly would you advise me to time-travel back to?
May 2017
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I doubt it would be possible to "change the path of history in a big way," for the "ordinary person," with out doing something bad or evil. However, if a ordinary person could have prevent the Federal Governments influence in the Public Education system . I think it would have influenced US history a great deal.


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Jul 2016
That's absolutely evil and repulsive and would involve mass murder, though! :(
You're talking about changing time. If you step on a butterfly, a billion people existing now wont exist anymore, effectively you'd have killed them all when a time paradox wiped out the entire existence of the real timeline. Change anything and you could very well be responsible for the lives of all living beings.

Want to play God? It comes with a price.
May 2017
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Futurist, I seen your opening post as a fun/good conversation starter. But I had my "doubts," as I said above, didn't take long did it. I didn't see it as "playing god," instead of milk and cookies maybe you could hand out Kool-aid. I fear my time here, will be as it was a year ago,very limited.


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Jun 2012
Throw some rocks and snowballs at the British soldiers at Boston... watch the local police force of British soldiers return fire = Boston Massacre -> American Revolution.


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Apr 2017
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If that British soldier shot a certain enemy Lance Corporal when he had him in his sites??
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